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We are backed by in-depth and thorough knowledge on Jyotishshastra that powers us to ensure a true credible astrological consultancy always. Our world-famous astrologer has been practicing for years with a strong focus on effective horoscope prediction and complete customer satisfaction. We are equipped with edgy technologies in our office to ensure an advanced consultancy in tune with contemporary lifestyle. We don’t believe in hypocrisy or gimmicks and it is your well-being that matters to us the most.

Ask a Question (Email)

Astro Ashish is ready to extend its consultancy through email. We are always driven by a progressive attitude which is echoed in our appreciation of latest communication technologies to make the process more convenient in this modern digital era. Email is undoubtedly one of principal means of communication today and our email consultancy will enable you to consult us from anywhere you like- be it from your office or home or while you are on the go with the smartphone. Our email communication is not just meant to schedule appointments but we are ready to address all your queries over the electronic mail. We also provide remedies over email.

Phone Consultation

We understand that the modern busy world hardly spares you time for physical visits and its only natural that you would be more comfortable over the phone. Thus, Astro Ashish offers a phone consultation service where you can have almost all your queries addressed through telecommunication. You are no longer needed to tamper with your usual duties to visit our office physically. We are ready to consult on anything you want to know about your future- be it childbirth or marriage or professional issues or health related affairs and so on. Astro Ashish is also flexible to assist you with the proper remedies over the phone.

Match Making

The marital knot is one of the most phenomenal decisions in one’s life and it’s obvious that you would be curious to know what the future holds for your conjugal life. We believe it’s extremely important to stay knowledgeable about the major incidents of your future marital so that you can stay alert with the necessary precautions beforehand. We are experts in match making consultancy and our seasoned and profound astrological expertise enables us to come up with precise predictions on future conjugal life. You can expect a comprehensive consultancy here with reports on every vital aspect of married couples like compatibility, child bearing capacity, profession, health etc. Our match making services are meant for both married & unmarried couples.

Birth time Rectification

Accurate birth time is fundamental to achieve the most accurate horoscope on the future life. If you are dubious about your exact birth time, Astro Ashish assures the right solution. Our elaborate knowledge on Jyotishshastra enables us to reach up to the actual birth time of our clients, by exploring the significant life events. You are simply required to provide us with the details of your birthplace, year, month, day and approximate birth time- accompanied by details of major life events in the past. We will take care of the rest and come up with the most accurate birth time for you.

Is there any astrological question you've been worried or wondering about for ages? Do you need help or advice on a specific astrological issue? Do you want advice about something specific in your astrological chart? You've come to the right place!

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